What if you could spend just 30 minutes a day relaxing and having fun, while at the same time becoming fluent in a foreign language? What was once science fiction is now science fact.

Welcome to the incredible world of Accelerated Interactive Language Learning. In just 30 minutes a day, this amazing system teaches you the basic verbal skills you need to effectively communicate in a foreign language. Developed by Zygon’s Mind Research Laboratory, these powerful courses are based on the U.S. Foreign Service Institute’s language systems, and combine ACTIVE and PASSIVE accelerated learning and memory techniques into an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

All of the Complete Foreign Language Courses teach you the words and phrases you need to speak and understand in common, everyday situations. Using “real life” examples, you participate by listening, reading, and reciting the words and phrases. Then, Zygon’s powerful Accelerated Learning Technology locks your new language into permanent memory during a unique “Passive Learning” session. This patented interactive process enables you to learn through experience, and absorb the language material into your subconscious mind. The result? You are able to communicate in your new language as you communicate in English.